U.S. Gold

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An age old company, started in the early 80's with intentions to release and convert American Games onto the English 8-bit platforms - not surprisingly, the games industry being mainly based in America at that time anyway, it worked. Base in Liverpool, the stomping grounds of such companies as Ocean, Bug-Byte and Imagine, they were prominent well into the 90's, but a few bad losses, including the loss of the rights for all Lucasarts UK games publishing to VIE meant that they lost their way, and eventually teamed up with another ailing software house Core Design, forming CentreGold. In 1995 the Centregold family was bought out by none other than Eidos UK, a company which has suddenly come to prominence over the last few years. To cut a long story short, Core Design lives on as a subsidiary company of Eidos, and US Gold is no more - the last game bearing the brand being Championship Manager 2 for the PC.

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This is one of the best ideas for a game ever, it is really simple, you are the barman and there are 4 bars, each with thirsty customers, you have to pour the pints, and roll them down the table to the customers. When they finish the beer, they slide the mug back down the table, and you have to collect it or you lose a life. Sounds easy right? Not really, the customers are always getting closer to you, and if they reach the end of the bar, you also lose a life, as the levels progress more and more customers want their pints, and it gets very hard! A highly entertaining game!