4th Dimension

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They used to be known as Impact Software, and they sold budget games for a fiver, then they became known as the 4th dimension, they also released cheat discs under the Impact Software label. 4th Dimension was a company that really specialised in the Archimedes side of things, they entered pretty late into the Beeb Games market, at least in the late 80's, when it was really not commercially viable to just support the Beeb on it's own. However, they did produce a number of really good games for the BBC. Most are also available on the RISC machines. I think they are still in business, but I may be wrong. Most of the games came in a rather nice 'video case' and has good manuals, with a 40/80t disc. Some however came in the 'jewel case' format typical of Superior.

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Top draw arcade shooter, you are a spaceman and you have to basically destroy everthing that comes your way! The graphics are pretty good, the only bad point is the slow-down which occurs when a lot of stuff is on the screen. A good game that really shows off the beebs power.