Battle Of The Games


What a close one between Zalaga and Arcadians - Arcadians just shading it by the matter of a small few votes there. This time - battle of the 'oids!

Ok, the contenders are ready, you're about to choose between..........

Planetoid vs. Arkanoid

Ok, lets check out what these two sublimely brilliant games have going for them:


Planetoid Screenshot
  • The fastest gameplay ever seen on the beeb
  • Super-mutants tracking you down at every turn!
  • The opportunity to save a whole planet!


Arkanoid Screenshot
  • Top bat and ball action
  • Power-ups - bombs, lasers, speed ups, bat resiszing
  • slick colourful graphics

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Which game do you want to vote for?

Previous Battles of the Games:

Winner Vote Runner-Up Vote
Arcadians: 52% Zalaga: 48%
Chuckie Egg: 84% Manic Miner: 16%
Elite: 59% Exile: 41%
Bonecruncher: 53% Clogger: 47%
Yie Ar Kung Fu: 64% Barbarian: 36%
Firetrack: 100% Galaforce: 0%
Citadel: 71% Castle Quest: 29%

If you have any games you'd like to see featured then drop me a line!