Here are some other good links to BBC Sites on the web:

The complete BBC games archive

A great website with all games playable. forums

A treasure trove of information on all things beeb.

BBC Connect

A front-end for beebEm and pcBBC emulators - check this out!

8bs Software

Archive of the (now defunct) 8BS magazine. A huge volume of software and information make this site a must for any beeb fans!

The BBC Lives!

The best general beeb site on the web, it has even been mentioned in some computer games magazines!

The BBC Mecca

A cool site, the author is still working on projects for the beeb! Also has some spares and kit for sale.

Superior Interactive

Richard Hanson (former managing director of Superior Software) now helps run Superior Interactive, a company specialising on bringing classic Superior Titles to the PC. So far the Repton Series, Galaforce and Ravenskull have been converted - with more to follow!

Stairway To Hell

This is a website dedicated to Beeb games, looks pretty well designed, and has a tonne of info on games, and the UEF games archive.


Home of the excellent beebem emulator, top notch!